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Charges API

Charges API is a payment processing tool that allows businesses to accept and process online payments securely and efficiently. With this API, businesses can integrate payment processing functionalities into their websites, applications, and other software solutions.

It supports major payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets. It also provides features such as real-time payment processing, automatic currency conversion, and fraud prevention.

All charges request 3DS to cardholder's bank by default.

Create a charge


POST /v1/charges/simple/create/

Charge a valid endpoint crea un simple charge, en otras palabras, realiza un rebajo a la tarjeta que venga en el POST, no está asignada a ningún customer.

curl '' \
-H 'authorization: bearer PdSKf04xi9LEcvcwIAdbWAXVg380Kz' \
-F 'amount=800.55' \
-F 'description=Desc for Simple' \
-F 'entity_description=Desc for Simple' \
-F 'currency=usd' \
-F 'credit_card_number=4242424242424242' \
-F 'credit_card_security_code_number=123' \
-F 'exp_month=11' \
-F 'exp_year=2020'


HTTP 201 Created