Balance and payouts

A payout represents the money that 4Geeks collects from your sales, and sends it periodically to the merchant’s bank account.

In Console -> Payouts you can keep a detailed control of each deposit made or pending. Each line of the table represents a different deposit. Generally, each deposit groups one or several successful transactions that your business has made during that period.

Although we try to predict when the money will arrive in your bank account, keep in mind that, depending on your bank and country, you may incur flow arrears. When you detect a delay in a payment, please check the status on Console.

We strive every day to ensure that there are no arrears, and you can receive payments in a timely manner. However, there are intermediary entities, which makes it impossible for us to predict accreditation times.

Consult your payment gateway

To get details on supported currencies, payout timeframes, tracking a payout or get assistance on payouts, please consult your payment gateway agent.