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Accept payments

To accept payments 4Geeks provides multiple ways to integrate to mobile apps, websites and platforms:

  • no-code tools (outside your website)
  • payments on your website

No-code tools

It is relatively easy to accept online payments via no-code tools. There are several no-code platforms that offer built-in payment processing capabilities, such as Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and Weebly. These platforms allow users to create online stores or websites and accept payments without the need for extensive technical knowledge or coding skills.

We've made it easy to accept payments without the hassle of developing complex transactional systems. You don't need technical knowledge or expensive equipment to start accepting online payments in your online store, billing software or customer management system.

If you're looking for 4Geeks Billing integration and don't want to go through the hassle of technical programming knowledge, then look no further than our list of platforms. There's no limit to the type of business you have or how long it's taken you to get started.

These third-party platforms work perfect for any type of business, whether you're in the early stages where you need to validate your product or service with the market, or you're an established company.

4Geeks Links

One of the most famous no-code tool in the 4Geeks suite of products is 4Geeks Links, which means generate payment link and get paid on social media, WhatsApp or email.

Browse the payment links guide in order to learn details.

Payments on your website

The simplest way to integrate 4Geeks on custom websites or platforms, is to use one of the plugins for any of the available platforms such as Wordpress/WooCommerce, Magento, Odoo, etc.

Alternatively we provide third-parties client libraries that you can use to integrate the API with your platform in a few lines of code. These libraries are maintained and supported, for the most part, by the community, for languages such as Ruby on Rails, Python, . NET and Go. However, you can always consume the API using HTTP methods, or write your own libraries.

The following example is a simple charge, which does not require you to register cards or customers.

await gpApi.charges.create({
amount: 90.32,
description: 'Plan 1 service charge',
entity_description: 'Plan 1',
currency: 'usd',
credit_card_number: 4242424242424242,
credit_card_security_code_number: 123,
exp_month: 11,
exp_year: 2020

Check all the available endpoints, as well as specific examples for each endpoint in the API reference.


This is so that each developer can ensure that the business flow runs as expected by performing the runs as expected by performing the necessary number of simulations. In this mode you can use the test cards, which we provide for you to simulate the complete purchase flow before loading real cards.

When you create your account, you will also have access to Console; this will allow you to view all your transaction data interactively. will allow you to view all your transaction data interactively, with graphics and other resources in real time.


Sandbox environment is free, unlimited, and no deadline.