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4Geeks Payments as payment gateway

4Geeks Payments is a comprehensive payment processing solution that empowers merchants, SaaS platforms, mobile applications, and online stores to accept payments securely and seamlessly. It facilitates transactions across a wide range of bank cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

4Geeks Payments boasts global reach, enabling merchants to cater to customers worldwide without geographical restrictions. Its versatility extends to currency support, accommodating multiple currencies such as USD, EUR, and MXN.

4Geeks Payments caters to businesses of all sizes, offering a variety of pricing plans to suit specific needs and budgets.

Key Features of 4Geeks Payments:

  • Streamlined Online Payment Acceptance
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • Effortless Integration
  • Global Reach
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Flexible Pricing Plans

With its robust features and commitment to user satisfaction, 4Geeks Payments empowers businesses to streamline their payment processing operations, enhance customer convenience, and expand their global reach.


Country Standard Processing Fee 3D-Secure
Australia 3.65% + AUD 0.30 Free
Austria 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Belgium 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Canada 2.9% + CAD 0.60 Free
Costa Rica 5% + USD 0.50 Free
Cyprus 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Denmark 2.15% + DKK 2.50 Free
Estonia 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Finland 2.15% + €0.25 Free
France 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Germany 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Greece 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Ireland 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Italy 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Japan 3.60% + JPY 30 Free
Latvia 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Lithuania 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Luxembourg 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Malta 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Mexico 4.35% + MXN 4.70 Free
Netherlands 2.15% + €0.25 Free
New Zealand 3.65% + NZD 0.30 Free
Norway 3.15% + NOK 2.50 Free
Poland 2.90% + PLN 1.00 Free
Portugal 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Singapore 3.40% + SGD 0.50 Free
Slovakia 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Slovenia 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Spain 2.15% + €0.25 Free
Sweden 2.15% + SEK 2.50 Free
Switzerland 2.90% + CHF 0.30 Free
Panama 5% + $0.50 USD Free
United Kingdom 3.65% + £0.20 Free
United States 2.9% + $0.60 USD Free


VAT may apply in some countries. To standard pricing add 1.5% for international cards, and 1% if currency conversion is required. For Costa Rica and Panama, international processing and currency conversion fee is free.

Connect 4Geeks Payments

  • Within your 4Geeks Billing account, navigate to the Payment Gateways section.
  • Click on the Add Payment Gateway button.
  • Select 4Geeks Payments as the payment method type.
  • Choose the desired currency for transactions.
  • Provide a descriptive name for the payment method.
  • Click on the Create Payment Method button to finalize the setup.

Activate 4Geeks Payments


We cannot guarantee that your merchant account will be approved to use 4Geeks Payments.

There are a number of factors that we consider when reviewing merchant accounts, including the merchant’s business history, the type of products or services that they sell, and the merchant’s credit history. We also consider the merchant’s location and the payment methods that they wish to accept.

We do our best to approve merchant accounts that meet our requirements, but we cannot guarantee that your account will be approved at this time.

To successfully activate your trade, it must be supported by a legal figure according to your country. according to your country, which indicates to us that such trade has permissions from your country to do business.

We currently support any of the following legal figures:

  • company / legal entity
  • individual / natural person
  • non-profit entity
  • government entity (U.S. only)


When you are ready to request the activation of your account, you must provide us with legal information about your business, and attach the required documents proving the validity of your business in your country of incorporation. validity of your business in your country of incorporation.

Although the requirements vary according to the country of incorporation of your business, below are the common requirements you will need to submit depending on the type of business.

Individuals Legal entity
Identity card Identity document of the legal representative
Tax ID number

In the activation form, we will ask you extra specific questions about your business about your business to ensure we can support your operation. Our our legal team may ask you for additional information to validate your identity, veracity of information, business activity or other administrative information.

We do our best to review your application as quickly as possible, however, this review and validation process can take 1-5 days once all the correct documents have been received.

Prohibited businesses

Due to rules of the Card Networks and banking partners, we unfortunately cannot support certain types of business models that represent a different level of risk. certain types of business models that represent a different level of risk for our partners and 4Geeks Payments.

The following is a list of prohibited businesses that 4Geeks cannot support:

  • controlled or prescription drugs.
  • illegal/highly regulated substances, ingestibles, inhalants, injectables.
  • pharmaceuticals or pharmaceuticals without approval/permits from the appropriate regulatory authority.
  • perishable stores.
  • unauthorized brand name replicas.
  • sale of animals.
  • media and software without copyright or authorization.
  • stores related to violent activities.
  • jailbreak equipment and software, hacking and cracking materials.
  • pornography, prostitution and child abuse.
  • migration services.
  • very high interest credits, exchange houses, credit repair or modification, debt reduction, court fines (without government permission).
  • weapons, sporting arms, ammunition and pyrotechnics.
  • drugs, illegal substances and products.
  • adult products and services, casinos and gambling.
  • multilevel, cryptocurrencies, insurance, video games, crowdfunding and investment funds.
  • financial services for savings, loans and grants.
  • telemarketing.

Please note that we may preemptively suspend (temporarily or permanently) your merchant account if we become aware that your business provided false or altered documents during the documents during the onboarding process, if there is evidence that you did not deliver the products/services you deliver the offered products/services to your customers in a timely manner.

If we have a suspicion that there are activities related to any type of fraud, money laundering or fraud, money laundering or that you are in breach of our Terms and Conditions. In such a case, future deposits will be frozen for a specified period.

When an account is temporarily suspended, and you want to reactivate it, you will have 24 hours to show any evidence that clarifies the facts. Otherwise, your account will be permanently disabled.


By default, all confirmed sales will be added to the pending balance sheet and will remain there for 5 calendar days, which works as a type of backup in case any transaction is not recognized by its buyer, enters into dispute or changes its risk ranking. After 5 days, the amount will become part of the available balance.

The available balance is money in your favor that will be paid on the next enabled date.


By default 4Geeks Payment Gateway generates a new payout every week.

When a deposit fails, for any reason, it can take up to 5 days to update your status from paid to failed. We will do our best to show you the reason. Future deposits are automatically paused until you manage to correct the inconvenience with your bank, or send us a new bank account.

Payout currency

As a merchant, you can accept payments in multiple currencies with the same integration, without the need for additional processes. However, we can only send deposits in specific currencies depending on the country where your business is legally based. Then 4Geeks will apply a standard conversion rate.

The following table mentions the currencies in which we will make deposits according to the country of incorporation of trade:

Country Deposit currency
United Kingdom EUR, GBP
Spain EUR
Canada CAD, USD
United States USD
Mexico MXN
Guatemala GTQ
El Salvador USD
Costa Rica CRC
Panama USD
Colombia COP
Bolivia BOB
Paraguay PYG
Uruguay UYU
Peru PEN
Argentina ARS

For example: - A Costa Rica-based merchant that charge in USD, will get money in CRC in the bank account. - Un comercio basado en España que cobre a sus clientes EUR, recibirá depósitos en EUR. - Un comercio basado en Panamá que cobre a sus clientes en USD, CRC y EUR, recibirá depósitos en USD.

Price per payout

4Geeks Payment Gateway does not charge any commission for initiate a payout. However, depending on your country, bank and deposit method, you may suffer additional deductions for transportation or crediting the money, so if you see less amount of money credited, you’ll have to contact your bank.

Tracking a payout

To make it easier to track a deposit to your bank account, we automatically add labels with the current status of that deposit. There is a way to go between a deposit leaving 4Geeks until it reaches your bank account.

Below we explain the meaning of each state:

  • Pending: These are all deposits that have not yet been paid, but that are already queued to be paid.
  • In transit: It means that the deposit has already left 4Geeks, and is in the process of validation or accreditation by intermediary banks or your bank. It usually takes 1-3 days for a deposit to be credited.
  • Paid: Deposits that have already been satisfactorily credited by your bank.
  • Failed: A deposit that has not been credited by the bank and has been returned. Failed deposits can be queued to be paid on the next available date.
  • Cancelled: A interrupted deposit by 4Geeks, the bank or payment gateway.