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4Geeks Payments

4Geeks Payments is a payment platform that allows merchants, SaaS platforms, mobile applications and online stores to process most bank cards, including Visa, MasterCard and AmericanExpress, easily and securely.

One of the main features of 4Geeks Payments is that commerce should not initiate any traditional banking process, since everything is summarized to a simple online registration.

This guide will allow you to understand how 4Geeks Payments works, the API, as well as explanations and examples of integration into different programming languages and frameworks.


The simplest way to integrate is to use one of the plugins for any of the available platforms such as Wordpress/WooCommerce, Magento, Odoo, etc.


Check out the video tutorial on how to install and configure the 4Geeks plugin for Wordpress/WooCommerce.

Alternatively, we provide client libraries that you can use to integrate the API with your platform in a few lines of code. These libraries are maintained and supported, for the most part, by the community, for languages such as Ruby on Rails, Python, . NET and Go. However, you can always consume the API using HTTP methods, or write your own libraries.

The following example is a simple charge, which does not require you to register cards or customers.

await gpApi.charges.create({
amount: 90.32,
description: 'Plan 1 service charge',
entity_description: 'Plan 1',
currency: 'usd',
credit_card_number: 4242424242424242,
credit_card_security_code_number: 123,
exp_month: 11,
exp_year: 2020

Check all the available endpoints, as well as specific examples for each endpoint in the API reference. The community is always a good starting point, in case you want to connect with other developers globally.


The Console represents an extension, and an easy way to monitor everything that happens in your trade in real time. You can access the Console from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.