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4Geeks Payroll

4Geeks Payroll is a talent platform to setup and manage a remote team in no-time, powered by self-service infrastructure and features. You can source any available vetted candidate from our global talent pool and accelerate your onboarding and setup time.

4Geeks (and partners) owns local operations (including legal entity, physical office, recruitment team, technological tools, and more) in specific countries, that ensure every single hire is fully compliant with local labor laws.


In general 4Geeks handles: hiring, onboarding, payroll, taxes, documents and perks.

How we charge is very simple. We charge $399 USD per employee per month (plus worker cost), so you don't need to pay any recruitment or extra fee. You'll receive a single invoice, then we pay your employees in bulk. Consult the pricing page to understand how we calculate a final cost per employee.

We already screened and interviewed candidates in different fields so you can just onboard them into your team as soon as possible. Skilled profiles available to hire from our talent pool:

  • Software engineers
  • Designers
  • Customer Service reps
  • Marketers
  • Project Managers
  • Financing & Accounting

Available countries to hire:

  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Brazil
  • Argentina

For talentā€‹

We're always open to join new top skilled candidates to our talent pool. So if you live in Latin America, and looking for remote job opportunities please apply here. Remember the screening process includes technical interview and soft-skills tests.

For agenciesā€‹

We partner with best agencies in Latin America that own talent and want to looking for new job opportunities for them. So if you're an interested agency please contact us.