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Activate an account

You must activate your account to access most of 4Geeks' services through the platform. to process real cards and receive deposits. This activation process This activation process complies with KYC (Know Your Customer) rules and regulations.

Having production access to 4Geeks Payments means that your merchant is enabled to process real cards for real customers. real cards from real customers, and that we can now send you regular deposits to your bank account. on a regular basis to your bank account.

Business types

To successfully activate your trade, it must be supported by a legal figure according to your country. according to your country, which indicates to us that such trade has permissions from your country to do business.

We currently support any of the following legal figures:

  • company / legal entity / company name
  • individual / natural person
  • non-profit entity
  • government entity (U.S. only)


When you are ready to request the activation of your account, you must provide us with legal information about your business, and attach the required documents proving the validity of your business in your country of incorporation. validity of your business in your country of incorporation.

Although the requirements vary according to the country of incorporation of your business, below are the common requirements you will need to submit depending on the type of business.

IndividualsLegal entity
Identity cardIdentity document of the legal representative
Tax ID number

In the activation form, we will ask you extra specific questions about your business about your business to ensure we can support your operation. Our our legal team may ask you for additional information to validate your identity, veracity of information, business activity or other administrative information. administrative information.

We do our best to review your application as quickly as possible, however, this review and validation process can take 3-8 hours. however, this review and validation process can take 3-8 hours, once all the correct once all the correct documents have been received.

In case you have been denied activation, we will notify you. If the activation was approved, you will receive an email with the confirmation, and the new production new production API Keys.


Some businesses have reported not receiving a response within the timeframe estimated above, so please check your spam folder. above, so please check your spam folder.

Business prohibited

See the prohibited businesses that we cannot support.