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Activate Payments service

Activating the Payments service is essential if you want to accept real credit and debit cards as payment for your goods or services. By enabling the Payments service, your account gains the ability to securely capture and process customer payment information.

This means that when a customer makes a purchase, their credit or debit card details are transmitted through our secure servers and verified by the issuing bank. Once the payment is authorized, the funds are transferred to your account, allowing you to complete the transaction.

Here’s what activating the Payments service enables:

  • Accept payments from customers using major credit and debit cards. This allows you to offer a wider range of payment options and potentially increase your sales.
  • Process payments securely. Our platform uses industry-standard security protocols to protect your customers’ financial information.
  • Manage your transactions easily. You’ll be able to view transaction history, track payments, and manage refunds directly within your account.


We cannot guarantee that your merchant account will be approved to use 4Geeks Payments.

There are a number of factors that we consider when reviewing merchant accounts, including the merchant’s business history, the type of products or services that they sell, and the merchant’s credit history. We also consider the merchant’s location and the payment methods that they wish to accept.

We do our best to approve merchant accounts that meet our requirements, but we cannot guarantee that your account will be approved at this time.

To successfully activate the Payments feature, it must be supported by a legal figure according to your country, which indicates to us that such trade has permissions from your country to do business.

Once activated, there may be associated fees for processing payments. You can find our current fee structure in our Terms of Service.

We currently support any of the following legal figures:

  • company / legal entity
  • individual / natural person
  • non-profit entity
  • government entity (U.S. only)

Activation form

We will ask you extra specific questions about your business about your business to ensure we can support your operation. Our our legal team may ask you for additional information to validate your identity, veracity of information, business activity or other administrative information.

To activate the Payments service go to:

  1. Login with your 4Geeks account.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Production on side menu.
  4. Choose the incorporation country from list and click confirm.
  5. Follow steps in wizard form.

You must provide us with legal information about your business, and attach the required documents proving the validity of your business in your country of incorporation.

Although the requirements vary according to the country of incorporation of your business, below are the common requirements you will need to submit depending on the type of business.

In most cases we request the following legal information from you:

Individuals Legal entity
Identity card Identity document of the legal representative
Tax ID number


We do our best to review your application as quickly as possible (instantly in most cases) however, for some regions this review and validation process can take 2-5 days once all the correct documents have been received.