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4Geeks Payments is a service oriented to developers, programmers and engineers. Every merchant who wants to receive payments from their customers via credit cards through their web pages their web pages, and wants to use 4Geeks Payments for this, must subscribe to 4Geeks Payments only once. only once.

When you create an account on 4Geeks, you will automatically receive Sandbox API Keys, which you must use in every API call or to configure in plugins. to configure in plugins..

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API Keys

To get the API Keys, for any environment (testing or production) please go to Settings.


This is so that each developer can ensure that the business flow runs as expected by performing the runs as expected by performing the necessary number of simulations. In this mode you can use the test cards, which we provide for you to simulate the complete purchase flow before loading real cards.

When you create your account, you will also have access to Console; this will allow you to view all your transaction data interactively. will allow you to view all your transaction data interactively, with graphics and other resources in real time.


Sandbox environment is free, unlimited, and no deadline.