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Prohibited businesses

Due to rules of the Card Networks and banking partners, we unfortunately cannot support certain types of business models that represent a different level of risk. certain types of business models that represent a different level of risk for our partners and 4Geeks Payments.

The following is a list of prohibited businesses that 4Geeks cannot support:

  • controlled or prescription drugs.
  • illegal/highly regulated substances, ingestibles, inhalants, injectables.
  • pharmaceuticals or pharmaceuticals without approval/permits from the appropriate regulatory authority.
  • perishable stores.
  • unauthorized brand name replicas.
  • sale of animals.
  • media and software without copyright or authorization.
  • stores related to violent activities.
  • jailbreak equipment and software, hacking and cracking materials.
  • pornography, prostitution and child abuse.
  • migration services.
  • very high interest credits, exchange houses, credit repair or modification, debt reduction, court fines (without government permission).
  • weapons, sporting arms, ammunition and pyrotechnics.
  • drugs, illegal substances and products.
  • adult products and services, casinos and gambling.
  • multilevel, cryptocurrencies, insurance, video games, crowdfunding and investment funds.
  • financial services for savings, loans and grants.
  • telemarketing.

Please note that we may preemptively suspend (temporarily or permanently) your merchant account if we become aware that your business provided false or altered documents during the documents during the onboarding process, if there is evidence that you did not deliver the products/services you deliver the offered products/services to your customers in a timely manner.

If we have a suspicion that there are activities related to any type of fraud, money laundering or fraud, money laundering or that you are in breach of our Terms and Conditions. In such a case, future deposits will be frozen for a specified period.

When an account is temporarily suspended, and you want to reactivate it, you will have 24 hours to show any evidence that clarifies the facts. Otherwise, your account will be permanently disabled.