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A refund is the return of a transaction that was previously processed satisfactorily. satisfactorily processed. It is the most common form of reconciliation between a seller and a buyer, before the case becomes a bank dispute. and a buyer, before the case becomes a bank dispute.

The process of refunding a transaction is free, and currently you can only make a refund for the full amount of the transaction. refund for the full amount of the transaction. If you need to make partial refunds, you will need to find alternative find alternative channels such as a bank transfer, which you must initiate on your own your own means in a negotiation with the buyer.

We recommend initiating a refund (before it becomes a dispute) as soon as possible when any of the following scenarios occur following scenarios arise:

  • No pudiste comprobar la identidad del comprador.
  • Tienes problemas relacionados con la dirección de envío. Ya sea que la dirección de envío no sea clara o represente dificultades de acceso para la entrega.
  • El producto se ha agotado, por lo que no podrás entregarlo de forma oportuna.
  • Por factores generales no podrás cumplir con el acuerdo de venta.

When a refund process is successfully initiated, 4Geeks Payments will automatically return the money back to the card the money automatically back to the card issuing bank, and it is the bank that is responsible for crediting the responsible for timely crediting the money to the purchaser's bank account. This process can take 5 to 10 days for the money to be reflected in the buyer's bank account.


Consider that once a refund is initiated, it cannot be cancelled or reversed.

Refund a transaction

Please note that you will not be able to refund a transaction when the money has already been deposited (see Payouts in the merchant's bank account. (see Payouts) into the merchant's bank account. In this case, we suggest that you communicate immediately with the buyer, alerting that you intend to refund a transaction and requesting an alternate way to return the money to your buyer. return the money to your buyer.

You can initiate a transaction from the API or from the Console. The following describes the process in each path.

From the API

Please refer to the endpoint API reference Refunds.

From the Console

If you want to initiate a refund from the Console, you must:

  • In the Console, go to the transaction list and find the transaction you want to reverse.
  • Enter the details of the transaction in question.
  • Click on the Refund button.
  • In the pop-up window, you must select the closest reason and press OK to start the refund process.

start a refund from the console